table-of-contents   My table of contents for my binder :/7_artshow_athena   My super snazzy Art Show poster B)
7_identity_bc_timeladymy business card XD (so fancy)                                                                                   7_animorph_athena       Animorph project+ fangirl= Johnlock animorph

7_Superhero_Athena   This is me as a superhero, I think tis project was awesome, and really fun XD


7_Techforthefuture_timelady This is my Tech for the future poster,to raise awareness for schools that don’t have  up to date technology

7_visonboard_athenaMy vision Board for 2015 XD  My teacher had a great idea to utilize all teqniques we learned so far too make something positive.This project was really fun and I ted the brush tool, paste tool, and the horizontal type tool.


anda      my adorable panda drawing I did in Photoshop ❤ ❤ XD It took so long, and we had to paint a picture from the internet to photoshop.


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