Can you relate?

So iv’e made a really bad habit of doing all my homework before 9:00, showering, packing my bag, and getting ready to go to sleep, and then staying up until 11 on my computer/Wii/phone. I mean, I know I have ALWAYS procrastinated,  but whats really stupid, is I wake up in the morning and hit the snooze button like 6 times, and then feel bad for my self. Sorry I just ranted, but you know: #thestruggleisreal );


4 thoughts on “Can you relate?

  1. jlynnrt says:

    I get home at 3:00, but I give myself two hours to chill before doing homework at 5:00. You should try to do things earlier so you could have more free time and still a good sleep. 🙂

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