Best 3 Consoles of 2014 (in my opinion)

So, I love video games a lot, and I think 2014 had some really cool consoles. I say the Wii U takes the top spot, and for good reason. Everyone says that its like the Virtual Boy, but I feel the games make this console a winner. Zelda Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Super Smash bro’s <3, and many more. Second is the Sony Playstation 4, which is expensive but super cool. With a slew of cool games, and the great graphics, its well worth the price (:. Lastly, I like the  XBox One. It has slightly worse graphics than the Playstation, but its huge allotment of social media features makes it a good console for online gamers. This is all just my opinion, so I hope you like this ❤


One thought on “Best 3 Consoles of 2014 (in my opinion)

  1. jlynnrt says:

    I would love to play Hyrule Warriors but I don’t even have a wii, but it looks sooo cool, and the character designs slay my exit stance. *Dies of the hype*


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